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Brian Dowd & Associates


I just couldn't be happier, excellent job, I'm just so impressed, site is exactly what I wanted.
Regards, Brian

Italy & Beyond

I am not a "computer buff" and postponed starting my website because I was intimidated by the whole thing, but thanks to Lee and the few friendly calls he made to me I finally made my giant step - starting! I would recommend Weblite to any business or person. Using Weblite's template and system made it easy for me to create my web site. The program is easy to use, I was given an easy to understand manual to explain anything I was not familiar with and at any point if I had a question Sarah was always on hand to help me out. On every encounter with any of the Weblite Team I have been impressed by their willingness to help, their friendly approach and genuine interest. They completely removed any reservation I had about the process and have always made me feel comfortable - even when I'm asking my "novice" questions!

Beaute Junction


"thanks 4 the logos we are really happy... I don't think we need to change the designs at all... we are really excited to have a 'proper' logo"

Harvest Pools


"We received fantastic feedback immediately as the new website was activated. Once again, thank you for all your hard work to create such a great new site for us!!".