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The Method in the Madness

We've put together this handy guide to walk you through the various stages of the design process, what to expect from us and what we ask of you.

The Weblite Process

This guide will put your mind at ease when considering hiring us to work on a project. We have years experience in our field and hundreds of website under our belt so we know what we're talking about. You can rely on us to fulfill any need you have.

For some projects that are smaller in nature we may choose to stray from this method for quicker turnaround, but all will be agreed with you from the beginning.

1. Lets meet up for a chat

The first thing we like to do when someone calls is arrange to meet them in person. This can be done on your own turf or ours or a more neutral ground like a local coffee shop, whatever you feel most comfortable with. We believe this is an important step in the design process as it allows to build a relationship with you and figure out what you'd really like from us (experience says it's not always what you first think!).

We'll take you through a short questionnaire which will help us understand you and your company, allowing us to better define your key objectives.
If you don't know what those goals are yet thats ok! We'll work with you to define them so don't worry.

Armed with the information we gather from the meeting we'll go away and tailor a quotation  for you.

2. The Quotation

We will usually offer you a fixed quotation based on the information you give us outlining all the key deliverables that we need to provide you and specifying anything that we need from you. We'll supply to you this document along with a copy of our Terms and Conditions and a contract to sign, should you wish to proceed.

To proceed with us and commit to the project we'll ask for an a small percentage of the final fee upfront. This will help keep the ball moving and ensure everyone is keen to progress.

3. It's all about the concept

Once we have all the required information from you and a signed contract, we'll move onto designing our concept. This stage involves research into your target market and your competitors to see what they are doing so we can make you stand out from the crowd.

We'll generate an agreed number of concepts and present them to you for feedback. Doing this ensures that you stay involved with the design process and makes sure that our vision aligns with your vision.

Once you've approved the concept, we then ask that you sign off on this stage and pay a further small percentage as a progress fee before we move onto developing the idea into a finished product.

4. Build and Review

Once we develop our concept into something close to completion, get you to do a final review of the work. This is your last chance to make any changes before we make your website live to the world.

Final sign off happens at this stage and once we've received that we'll send your site live and give you training on how to work with your new site to update it and keep your content fresh and relevant.

You'll be a happy customer, knowing that your company is being showcased in the best possible light and we'll be happy because we know we've made in happen for you!